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Mobile games constantly try to surprise players with their mechanics, humor, and other features. Destiny Run mobile is a casual free-to-play game where you can choose sides of good and evil in a simple and addictive format. It’s also an auto-launch where you have to collect things like folios and spellbooks to enhance your kindness or evilness. This is a fairly simple idea, but not without challenges. This mobile game is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Destiny Run is a simple-looking 3D game where graphics are clearly not the strongest game feature. Bright colors, simple forms, and costumes that you can unlock as you play the game are signatures for Destiny Run. The graphics may not be as impressive as other games, but they work for this sort of cartoonish style. 


Your main task in this game is to collect items that increase your points and move you forward in the game. At the beginning of the level, you will face a choice of angel and demon side, and we all know that choice is out of the game, which makes it in some sense relatable. After choosing a side, your task is to collect items such as folios and spellbooks. To successfully continue the game, the player must carefully collect items. Red for demons and green for angels. It is not possible to change sides during the game, so your task is to keep your eyes open.

To guide the character’s movement, you simply need to move your finger to the left or right of the screen. This will allow you to wander around every part of the scene in search of the items you need so you can transform into an angel or demon. You can see your goal at the top of the screen, so you don’t lose sight of the side you want to transition to.

As you go along, you will also find unusual portals with different actions. Depending on whether you become an angel or a demon, you’ll have to go through an arch to keep your progress. Once you reach the Celestial Gate, you will be judged by two creatures who will review your progress and decide whether you can continue your journey to one of the sides.


Due to the gameplay of Destiny Run replayability is not that high because it’s not many new things you will see during the run. But this repetitive process is a game counter, so you can start your adventure again and again until you get bored.

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