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Destiny 2 is an action/adventure game with a sci-fi theme, created by Bungie and published by Activision. It is the sequel to Destiny and was released on September 6, 2017. Destiny 2 is a 3rd-person shooter that is a sequel to the popular shooter game Destiny, released on September 6, 2017. There are many similarities between the games, but Destiny 2 is built on a brand new and more powerful engine. It was developed by Bungie and published by Activision.


Gameplay includes exploration of various open world areas and shooting enemies with various weapons. There are three classes of player characters in the game: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans. Each class has its own set of abilities and weapons. Players can also find and collect various types of weapons, armour and other items to defeat enemies. Exploration and combat are balanced by a character's ability to regenerate their health, which is accomplished through the use of a health orb or by defeating enemies.

Players can explore the game's open world, which includes a number of locales, and then play the game's story missions and competitive multiplayer matches. The game's open world consists of the Cosmodrome area on Earth, the Moon, Mars, and four other locations that players can explore.

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter with RPG elements. The player controls a character known as a Guardian, and the goal is to defend a post-apocalyptic world known as The Last City. The player is assisted by non-player characters, known as the Vanguard, who are located in a hub known as The Tower.

The player can explore the environment, complete quests, and fight enemies, which are either computer-controlled or come in the form of other players.


Destiny 2 has been optimized for Xbox One and PS4, and so has a much higher frame rate and resolution than the original Destiny. Destiny 2 is a major graphical improvement over its predecessor, with a more realistic art style and better lighting. The game is powered by a new engine called Luminous, and when played on an Xbox One X, offers a native 4K resolution. The game also utilizes high dynamic range (HDR). The graphics in Destiny 2 are noticeably better than in the previous game. The details and textures of the game are noticeably better, and the game features more dynamic lighting. The special effects in this game are also considerably better, and the game features animations of the player, enemies, and environments.

Information about replayability

A player can replay story missions in Destiny 2, and they can also replay some of the game's strikes and raids. There are also various types of game modes for competitive multiplayer.


  • Destiny 2 is a game that players can play for a long time
  • The game includes many different activities and players can also play with their friends
  • Destiny 2 has good graphics
  • The game is 1080p resolution on consoles, and 4K resolution on PC, and the graphics are very detailed
  • Destiny 2 is optimized for high-end PCs
  • The game has good replayability


  • The game only includes cross-platform play for social spaces and for some competitive modes
  • Destiny 2 has bad graphics
  • Destiny 2 has only four main classes


Destiny 2 is an MMO-like first-person shooter game in which players are guardians of the last safe city on Earth. The game includes many different activities, including competitive multiplayer, character progression, and of course, shooting. Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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