Call of Duty®: Warzone Review

Call of Duty®: Warzone is one of the latest releases in the legendary series of 3D action shooter games, Call of Duty. This time, Infinity Ward and Raven Software decided to boost the 2019 Battle Royale mode and expand it up to as many as 200 concurrent players per match. Unlike the classic games of the series, this one is fully focused on the multiplayer. 

Welcome to Verdansk

The action of the new game takes place on a brand new large area of the fictional Verdansk city. It’s designed to make battle royale rounds for 150-200 players not too crowded and give everyone enough space for their combat strategies. Currently, the game supports two gameplay modes, battle royale, and prey. In the first one, you have to do everything to survive and eliminate as many other players as possible. You can either play alone or in squads of 3 and 4 players. In the second, you have to race with other players to become the first who gathers 1 million credits. 

The New Economy 

Unlike the previous multiplayer chapters of CoD, this one involves a credit-based economy. It means that you don’t have to research locations to find new pieces of gear anymore. Instead, you have to earn enough credits to purchase the needed upgrade. If your balance is high enough, you can also get alternate reviving options. You can purchase reviving coupons for yourself or your teammates to continue playing no matter what. Of course, the use of such options is limited and cannot turn you into a godlike warrior with an unlimited number of lives. The range of weapons and gear that you can carry in your inventory remains realistic. You can have two main weapons, one set of armor, a series of kills, and several realistic boosters. 

The Gulag 

The unique feature of the new battle royale mode is that your character always has a chance to return to the battlefield. If someone kills your character, you spawn in a so-called Gulag, where you can fight other killed players and achieve the right to continue the battle royale. If you succeed to win the quick battles, using the same ammunition as your opponent, you will be thrown back to the battle. 

Good – 4/5

Call of Duty®: Warzone is an exceptionally well-made multiplayer shooter that features everything we like so much about the legendary CoD series. It looks awesome, features a cinematic soundscape, introduces a variety of unique features, and has one of the largest battle royales today. This game is highly recommended for fans of realistic multiplayer shooters and the original battle royale mode from the 2018 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The community of the title keeps growing, so it’s high time to jump in. If you are a fan of the traditional CoD with a story mode, opt for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. 

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