Brick Rigs Review

Brick Rigs is a free 3D action game for Windows, Linux, and Mac that was developed by BUG-Byte software. The game is about various brick rigs, which are machines that use bricks as their power source. Players can customize their rigs with different brick combinations and colors. They can then race against the computer or other players. Brick Rigs is a construction and disaster management game. The player must build and manage the structures of multiple cities using bricks and ramps. The player has to use these bricks and ramps to make the buildings more earthquake resistant. The player also has to help the inhabitants of the cities by fixing the buildings and roads. The player can also raise the water level of the cities.


The goal of the game is to collect as many bricks as possible. The player can collect bricks by running over them, or by smashing bricks that are not on the ground. Obstacles such as trees and boulders can also be smashed. The player will lose bricks if they are hit by obstacles, or if they run out of fuel. The player can replenish their fuel by smashing coal blocks. The gameplay of Brick Rigs is very simple. Players control a crane and have to pick up bricks and stack them in a tower. The bricks fall from the sky, and the tower that they are building gets taller and taller. Players can also collect marbles that are being dropped from the sky.


The graphics in the game are made up of simple shapes and colors. The bricks and the ground are made of square shapes, and the player's machine is made up of a square-shaped body with a triangle-shaped head.


The replayability of Brick Rigs is fairly limited. There are only a handful of possible brick combinations, and the game has no multiplayer mode.


  • It is a free game
  • There is a wide variety of brick combinations. Players can find bricks in the game that match their brick color preference
  • It is a 3D game
  • The terrain is dynamic and changes according to the player's movement
  • The game is easy to play, even for younger children
  • The graphics are simple and colorful


  • There is no multiplayer mode
  • The replayability of Brick Rigs is limited
  • The graphics are simple and not as appealing as other games
  • The game takes place on a flat surface and does not allow players to explore
  • The game is more of a puzzle game than an action game
  • The level design in the game is not always clear


Brick Rigs is an affordable game for all ages, with a lot of replayability. This game is completely customizable, and players can build their own vehicles from scratch. The graphics in Brick Rigs are not the best, but they are not bad. The game play in Brick Rigs is very repetitive, and the graphics are very simplistic.

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