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Brawl Stars is an action arena game with elements of a shooter providing both the multiplayer battles and solo mode. You can invite your friends, join the band or play alone, unlocking the brawlers and benefiting from a range of unique weapons and powerful abilities. Be sure not to see a lot of blood here, but there are the destruction effects. In order to progress faster, you are suggested to use in-app purchases.

There are several ways to play. You can choose the core mode - Gem Grab - and fight with three mates against a group of three rivals earning gems to get the best score. The purple gems appear from the center of the stage, and your team should be the first to have 10 gems. You should remember the timer too. Another mode – Bounty – allows you to earn the stars following the particular rules. Here two squads consisting of three persons each are involved in the game. In addition, there is a chance to battle for survival only, collecting the power-ups and going through the obstacles. There is also the Heist mode where you will navigate the maps hunting the treasure of your opponents. Try the Brawl Ball Mode which completely differs from the other ones. It invites you to team up with three mates and demonstrate your football skills playing soccer with guns. In order to win, you should score two goals. And of course, you will play the special modes on conditions of the limited time.

During the game, you will unlock the more powerful brawlers, enhance their abilities, apply new skins, and become the leader of the leaderboards. You can compete at the local and regional level. The controls are extremely easy and allow you to master the game quickly. You can aim and fire. The characters move without much efforts from you. But still, you should be ready for the brief but intensive matches with plenty of random enemies around.

The graphics are simple, cartoonish, and well-done. The mix of styles comes as a surprise delivering unexpected possibilities. Choose characters that suit the particular modes better. You will have a lot of weapons and apply various strategies for diverse attacks. Even if you feel a lack of depth, diversity will compensate for this drawback.


  • The responsive controls are well-suited to a touchscreen;
  • The title is free to download and play;
  • It is constantly updated with new maps, skins, characters, and more.


  • The difficulties of the advanced levels may require some cash to spend on the in-app purchases.
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