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Alien Shooter is a classic PC game that has finally made its way to mobile. This Android version is adapted from the original game where you play as one of the survivors of an alien invasion trying to survive. The game is still hardcore, no-frills shooting action, and if you’re not a fan of bloodbaths, this is your warning.

The objective is simple: infiltrate the military complex that has been overrun by the hordes of aliens and take every last one of them down. It is a carry-over from the PC version of the game released almost 15 years ago. Once you burst into the complex, the aliens always keep coming. Your only alternative is to blow them with every last piece of weaponry or shrapnel that you have. Get them first, or they’ll get you. The aliens attack in numbers, meaning this is a fast-paced game.

As you move around the complex shooting things up, you collect weapons, health packs and experience points which you can use to purchase other items. You can also choose which missions you’d wish to participate in from options availed. The game offers you a neat but basic tutorial which helps you keep up with all the fast-paced action.

PC controls have been modified for touchscreens, with the direction pad now appearing on screen, and which you can intuitively use to move around. Each level starts with a brief description of the mission and tips which help you defeat the enemy faster. For example, at the start of mission 2, it is recommended you get a flashlight. The menus are easy to navigate, and the red shoot button is prominently displayed.

The game plays from an isometric 2D/3D perspective, heavily reminiscent of games in the early 2000s. The action is fast-paced, and you won’t have to soak in the detail of all your surroundings while being inundated by hordes of gory aliens. The ETs themselves are not designed to fine detail, and they all look generic.

Alien Shooter may not be the best-looking shooter game on Android. However, it still retains key elements of the classic, and this will be endearing to many fans, both old and new. The shooting is no holds barred, and you get to the action really quickly. You also progress through the levels rapidly and can make upgrades to weapons and other packs— all incentive to keep playing.


  • Offers simple gameplay;
  • Easy to adapt to;
  • Brings the classic game experience to your mobile device;
  • Cool, retro graphics.


  • The game ends quickly, and you can cruise through it in about two hours.
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